Garden Planner Subscription Discounts for Garden Designers and Organizations

The Garden Planner is the perfect way to manage multiple vegetable gardens at the same time. You can purchase blocks of subscriptions at a substantial discount and can have a Master Account which makes it simple to manage linked accounts for your customers or associates:

  • Master Account: A Garden Planner Master Account makes it easy to manage several people's garden plans all year round so that you can re-work them, print them and produce planting lists
  • Email Reminders: Each account that is linked to a Master Account can receive separate email reminders of when to sow and plant out the vegetables in their plans
  • Easy Crop Rotation: Use the color-coded system to rotate crops each year, avoiding the build up of pests or depletion of nutrients in the soil
  • Next Year's Planning: The Garden Planner can simply copy garden layouts without the vegetables, making it simple to start on next year's plans

How Much Does It Cost?

Number of Subscriptions One Year Subscription Two Year Subscription
10+ accounts: $19 per account
(34% discount)
$30 per account
(33% discount)
25+ accounts: $17 per account
(41% discount)
$27 per account
(40% discount)
100+ accounts: $16 per account
(45% discount)
$25 per account
(44% discount)

Bulk subscriptions are supplied as un-dated Gift Certificate codes which can be applied to any Garden Planner account. Please note that these subscriptions cannot be resold to the general public over the internet - they are for use only by your business or organization.

Bulk subscriptions can be paid for by:

  • Standard Invoice: to be paid from a US bank account
  • PayPal Invoice: for international customers

Full payment must be received before subscriptions can be sent.

Master Accounts

Master accounts are ideal for garden designers or people who need to manage other people's Garden Planner accounts. A master account has a special management window which enables you to:

  • Create Linked Accounts: without the person whose garden you are designing needing to activate their account (until the garden plan is ready at which point they will need to activate it if they wish to receive planting reminders for their garden by email)
  • Transfer Plans: Plans can easily be transferred from your account to a linked account, making it simple to set them up under your single login and then transfer them when ready.
  • Copy Varieties: You can create custom varieties with their own spacing and planting times (or use this feature to include unlisted plants) which can simply be copied from your account to your linked accounts.
  • Add Subscriptions: Add your bulk subscriptions to linked accounts when required. These can be sold on to your customers at a profit or included as a bonus service to differentiate you from other companies.

Download our PDF explaining how the Master Account system works by clicking here.

Further Details

Please Contact Us with details of your requirements if you would like to find out more, open a master account or to purchase bulk subscriptions.